Examples and demos site, work in progress


Kookaburra: an example showing loading and viewing of the dataset included in this PeerJ article

"An interactive three dimensional approach to anatomical description—the jaw musculature of the Australian laughing kookaburra (Dacelo novaeguineae)" Michelle R. Quayle, David G. Barnes, Owen L. Kaluza, Colin R. McHenry 2014

LavaVu includes built in support for loading 3D surface models in Wavefront OBJ files. For other formats/sources of surface data we can load them using python libraries and send them to LavaVu, then packed into a .gldb file to view online.

Time sequence data

Particle simulation : a very simple toy particle simulation for the sake of demonstration, particles are plotted as spherical points and a subset are plotted as tracer arrows over 300 timesteps

LavaVu can load time series data natively, with support for static and time-varying elements, animations can be played and exported to video