Command line argumentsΒΆ

General options
-# Any integer entered as a switch will be interpreted as the initial timestep to load. Any following integer switch will be interpreted as the final timestep for output. eg: -10 -20 will run all output commands on timestep 10 to 20 inclusive
-c# caching, set # of timesteps to cache data in memory for
-A All objects hidden initially, use 'show object' to display
-N No load, deferred loading mode, use 'load object' to load & display from database
-S Skip default script, don't run init.script
-v Verbose output, debugging info displayed to console
-a Automation mode, don't activate event processing loop
-p# port, web server interface listen on port #
-q# quality, web server jpeg quality (0=don't serve images)
-n# number of threads to launch for web server #
-Q quiet mode, no status updates to screen
-s stereo, request a quad-buffer stereo context
Model options
-f# Load initial figure number # [1-n]
-C Global camera, each model shares the same camera view
-y Swap z/y axes of imported static models
-T# Subdivide imported static model triangles into #
-V#,#,# Volume data resolution in X,Y,Z
-e Each data set loaded from non time varying source has new timestep inserted
Image/Video output
-z# Render images # times larger and downsample for output
-i/w Write images of all loaded timesteps/windows then exit
-I/W Write images as above but using input database path as output path for images
-u Returns images encoded as string data (for library use)
-U Returns json model data encoded string (for library use)
-t Write transparent background png images (if supported)
-m# Write movies of all loaded timesteps/windows #=fps(30) (if supported)
-x#,# Set output image width, height (height will be calculated if omitted)
Data Export
-d# Export object id # to CSV vertices + values
-j# Export object id # to JSON, if # omitted will output all compatible objects
-g# Export object id # to GLDB (zlib compressed), if # omitted will output all compatible objects
-G# Export object id # to GLDB (uncompressed), if # omitted will output all compatible objects
Window Settings
-r#,# Resize initial viewer window width, height
-h hidden window, will exit after running any provided input script and output options