User Interface commandsΒΆ

Hold the Left mouse button and drag to Rotate about the X & Y axesHold the Right mouse button and drag to Pan (left/right/up/down)Hold the Middle mouse button and drag to Rotate about the Z axisHold [shift] and use the scroll wheel to move the clip plane in and out.

[F1]         Print help
[UP]         Previous command in history if available
[DOWN]       Next command in history if available
[TAB]        Nearest match from history to partially typed command
[ALT+UP]     Load previous model in list at current time-step if data available
[ALT+DOWN]   Load next model in list at current time-step if data available
[LEFT]       Previous time-step
[RIGHT]      Next time-step
[Page Up]    Select the previous viewport if available
[Page Down]  Select the next viewport if available
[`]          Full screen ON/OFF

Hold [ALT] plus:
[space]      Play/pause animation or stop recording
[*]          Auto zoom to fit ON/OFF
[/]          Stereo ON/OFF
[\]          Switch coordinate system Right-handed/Left-handed
[|]          Switch rulers ON/OFF
[,]          Switch to next particle rendering texture
[+/=]        More particles (reduce sub-sampling)
[-]          Less particles (increase sub-sampling)

[a]          Hide/show axis
[b]          Background colour switch WHITE/BLACK
[B]          Background colour grey
[c]          Camera info: output to console current camera parameters
[f]          Frame border ON/OFF
[i]          Take screen-shot and save as png/jpeg image file
[j]          Localise colour scales, minimum and maximum calibrated to each object drawn
[k]          Lock colour scale calibrations to current values ON/OFF
[o]          Object legend, print list of object names with id numbers.
[r]          Reset camera viewpoint
[q]          Quit program
[u]          Backface Culling ON/OFF
[w]          Wireframe ON/OFF

[v]          Increase vector size scaling
[V]          Reduce vector size scaling
[t]          Increase tracer size scaling
[T]          Reduce tracer size scaling
[p]          Increase particle size scaling
[P]          Reduce particle size scaling
[s]          Increase shape size scaling
[S]          Reduce shape size scaling

[p] [ENTER]  hide/show all particle swarms
[v] [ENTER]  hide/show all vector arrow fields
[t] [ENTER]  hide/show all tracer trajectories
[q] [ENTER]  hide/show all quad surfaces (scalar fields, cross sections etc.)
[u] [ENTER]  hide/show all triangle surfaces
[s] [ENTER]  hide/show all shapes
[l] [ENTER]  hide/show all lines
[ESC][ENTER] quit program

Verbose commands:
help commands [ENTER] -- list of all verbose commands
help * [ENTER] where * is a command -- detailed help for a command